Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 52

Hey Everyone!
HUMP DAYYYYYYYY. Almost. Is that still funny to say or did that go out of style?
 Anyways tomorrow is transfers and I have big news!! I am training!! I'm getting a newbie from Ecuador who only speaks Spanish, and I am going to have to teach him English and Papiamento!! Wooo. I hope he's cool.
Also E. Foote goes home tomorrow which is a bummer because we had a lot of fun together but on the bright side I will send him home with my SD card that has about 500 photos on it! Your welcome mom!
 As for this week there was a lot of people who wanted to feed us to say goodbye to E foote so it was awesome! One day we had a late breakfast after a service, a lunch, and two dinners! We were DYING at the last dinner but it was red snapper with this coconut sauce and it was so good!! We haven't been fed all transfer but now they are all making up for it!
Also today we went and saw a really cool WWII bunker and went exploring and found a cave! We didn't have a flashlight so we couldn't go in too far so we will go back next week with the new guy. Also we went up to this big hill on the very southern tip of the island and we could see Venezuela! I tried to take a picture but it didn't really work. But it was really cool.

Elder Harsh

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