Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 37

Hi Everyone
Well to start things off, the Island is awesome!!! Its super hot and humid still buttttttt, this island is a huge desert! It’s got palm trees growing right next to big tall cactuses! It’s really weird.  Super dusty and dry, but still really humid.  I don’t know how that works either. It’s more put together than the DR, but it’s still pretty poor! It’s about 40% paved roads and 70% Dirt. Showers are still cold and there's no ac, But we have power always and YOU CAN DRINK THE WATER! It’s nice :)
My companion is a way chill guy named Elder Atkinson from Guyana. He has only been here 6 weeks more than me so we are both struggling trying to learn Papimiento, but a lot of the people here speak at least 2 languages, if not 3 or all 4 (English Spanish Dutch and Papimiento) So we usually start in Papimiento and end up going to Spanish or on rare occasions we get to teach in English! But it’s usually in Spanish which is good because I definitely don't want to lose my Spanish! The only rough part about this island is the people don't want to listen to you at all. It’s definitely a big change from the DR, so we have a lot more time out on our bikes in the hot sun. There is just one small branch on the entire island but the members are great! They feed us a lot too, which is good because if they didn't we probably couldn't make it to the end of the month money wise. Holland owns this island and I guess they hate Latinos so they make everything on the island cost a ton of money to try and get the Latinos to leave. So a lot of people have two or three jobs which means they are never home which makes it hard to teach them. Also they have a strong Dutch culture so nobody really wants to listen. But it’s a lot of fun!
 I looked out my window yesterday and saw this huge cruise ship sticking up over the houses! This place is awesome!
Elder Harsh

This picture was taken by a vacationer on the island that went to church there and met Elder Harsh- Took a picture and sent it to me!  I was very happy to get this picture!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week 36

Elder Harsh is in for some big changes!  Here is his letter explaining his change and at the bottom I'll include a link to a map showing where he will be.
Thanks again for all of your support!

Holy cow mommy this was definitely the craziest week of my entire mission!!! I have no idea where to start! But i'm going to save the BIG news for last. Ok first off, we had a really good lesson with a guy that we contacted the other week. We found him walking by and he says he always invites people like us in so we set a date and came by this week. He thought we were Jehova's witnesses but after we cleared that up we started with a lesson on the Apostasy/Restoration. He had a lot of really good questions and after we kinda explained everything to him he stopped and sat there in silence for a long time. Then he said that we had just answered tons of questions he had been researching for the past 10 years! He asked more questions and with every answer he was getting more and more excited! It was a very fun lesson. Also we had two baptisms planned for this past Saturday, Jorge and Keyla. I got sick and was feeling really achy and couldn't breath very well, but I figured all we had to do was go to the stake center, fill up the font, and then chill while we wait for the water to fill. As we were about to leave to head to the stake center, The zone leaders called informing us that there isn't any water in the church! Dominican Problems. So we went from having a perfectly planned baptism to having a full afternoon trying to contact everybody and tell them we have to do it in a different building further away. After calling and visiting everyone (while I was really sick), we finally got everything planned out and ready. We had just sat down to rest when Keyla called us crying. Apparently she had started her period early and for reasons that weren't explained to me, that meant that she couldn't be baptized. She said she had fear of the white clothes. Whatever. Anyways after calming her down we explained to her that it wasn't a problem and we could reschedule it for next week. the only bummer is I am not going to be there! So after that crazy day and the baptism I was feeling super sick so we finally get home and I had just gotten into bed when President Corbitt called me. He called me about transfers to inform me that I am .......GOING TO THE ISLANDS!!!!!! I AM GOING TO BONAIRE!!! THEN ARUBA AND THEN THE OTHER ONE!!! ALSO I AM GOING TO BE A DISTRICT LEADER!! ALSO I AM GOING TO LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE CALLED PAPIMIENTO!!! Also Bonaire is a very small island and so its just me and my companion on the entire island! also PLOT TWIST, in July, the three islands are going to switch and be a part of a different mission so its possible I might change missions! Right now we don't know but its possible!! I fly out early tomorrow morning! 

Yeah, that's about it.
Elder Harsh
                          Elder Harsh will be straight down from the DR, right above Venezuela!

  1. Papiamento is a Creole language containing elements of Spanish,PortugueseDutchEnglish and French, as well as Arawak and African languages. It is spoken by about 330,000 people on the islands of the Netherlands Antilles (CuraƧao, Bonaire, Aruba). Papiamentu was made an official language on March 7, 2007.
  2. Elder Harsh arrived safe!  He's on the island of Bonaire
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Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 35

Hello Everyone,
Well this is my last week in Punta! Transfers will be next Tuesday and I am ready for a change! I´m ready to see what else the DR has to offer, but I am going to miss a lot of the people here and especially my boy Elder Cook. We are both bummed this is our last week together!
As for my week, I honestly don´t remember much...oh but that one family that came to conference came to church again and they are progressing really nicely! Last Friday he asked us if we could come by his house EVERY DAY!  EVERY DAY!  So after picking our jaws up off of the floor we took out our agendas and wrote his name down every day for the rest of the week! We are super tight with him and he loves the gospel. Me too! But besides that it was a pretty normal week.
 It rained a lot. One day we were walking and it was drizzling, but in the distance we heard a really loud booming sound of tons of rain hitting tin roofs. We look over and see a wall of water heading our way! We weren´t near any houses so we had to book it down this road and we barely made it to a porch in time for the rain to hit and I have never seen so much rain in my life! It is a normal thing for people to get stranded on other people´s porches during rain, so the lady comes out and gives us chairs and we figured we had a captive audience for a lesson. Buuuut when we tried to talk to her she wasn´t understanding us well and then it turns out she was partially deaf and with the rain pounding on the roof she couldn´t hear anything. Typical. haha
Also we had this one contact who was really interested and participated really well during the lesson and we were feeling really good about him until the very end when we realized he only invited us in to try and get me to marry his daughter. Dominicans will do ANYTHING to get to the US. Anyways sorry there isn´t more substance to this letter but this past week was kinda a blur.

Elder Harsh
                                                                Rain Storm in the DR
                                                             Cool view from a porch

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 34

Hi Everyone!
This week had a really rough start but it ended up being a pretty good week! To start things off Louis and Pura had a baptism date for this Saturday because their son who is a member was coming to visit from Spain, but he isn´t coming until May so we had to postpone the baptism until after I leave! Also Fifo´s family is progressing very nicely but he is heading to the capital for a week and a half with his family which means I won´t be here for their baptism either! So that was some bad news to start off the week and it was Passover week which means that everybody goes to the beach or river to drink and stuff so not very many people were home! On Friday is the big celebration and it was like walking through a ghost town because literally everybody was gone!
Our district leader and his comp had a meeting at the stake center, but since it was Holy Friday none of the buses were running so they had a surprise sleepover with us! We played monopoly and it nearly ruined our district, but it all worked out in the end. I won :).
Then we taught a new investigator who we found on Friday. We only had about 10 minutes so we just talked a little about prophets and invited him to General Conference (here you have to go to the stake center to watch it). He came for the Saturday morning session so we watched that in Spanish with him. I was surprised because I actually understood almost everything! He loved it so much he told me he was more important than me and stole my notebook from me and started taking notes! Haha and then he brought his whole family to the Sunday afternoon session! Also it’s too bad that you missed Saturday afternoon because those talks were brilliant. Conference keeps getting better and better! As of now we have two baptisms planned for the 18th so we are working really hard to make those work out!
Also bad news, I don´t know if I told you this but my abs are slowly dying. I lost 7 and 8 in the CCM and I just recently lost 6 and 5. 4321 are hanging on, but with a rice filled diet like this, it is only a matter of time :(. I cant wait to get back and get big again.  Oh well- a day in the life….


Elder Harsh