Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 35

Hello Everyone,
Well this is my last week in Punta! Transfers will be next Tuesday and I am ready for a change! I´m ready to see what else the DR has to offer, but I am going to miss a lot of the people here and especially my boy Elder Cook. We are both bummed this is our last week together!
As for my week, I honestly don´t remember much...oh but that one family that came to conference came to church again and they are progressing really nicely! Last Friday he asked us if we could come by his house EVERY DAY!  EVERY DAY!  So after picking our jaws up off of the floor we took out our agendas and wrote his name down every day for the rest of the week! We are super tight with him and he loves the gospel. Me too! But besides that it was a pretty normal week.
 It rained a lot. One day we were walking and it was drizzling, but in the distance we heard a really loud booming sound of tons of rain hitting tin roofs. We look over and see a wall of water heading our way! We weren´t near any houses so we had to book it down this road and we barely made it to a porch in time for the rain to hit and I have never seen so much rain in my life! It is a normal thing for people to get stranded on other people´s porches during rain, so the lady comes out and gives us chairs and we figured we had a captive audience for a lesson. Buuuut when we tried to talk to her she wasn´t understanding us well and then it turns out she was partially deaf and with the rain pounding on the roof she couldn´t hear anything. Typical. haha
Also we had this one contact who was really interested and participated really well during the lesson and we were feeling really good about him until the very end when we realized he only invited us in to try and get me to marry his daughter. Dominicans will do ANYTHING to get to the US. Anyways sorry there isn´t more substance to this letter but this past week was kinda a blur.

Elder Harsh
                                                                Rain Storm in the DR
                                                             Cool view from a porch

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