Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 34

Hi Everyone!
This week had a really rough start but it ended up being a pretty good week! To start things off Louis and Pura had a baptism date for this Saturday because their son who is a member was coming to visit from Spain, but he isn´t coming until May so we had to postpone the baptism until after I leave! Also Fifo´s family is progressing very nicely but he is heading to the capital for a week and a half with his family which means I won´t be here for their baptism either! So that was some bad news to start off the week and it was Passover week which means that everybody goes to the beach or river to drink and stuff so not very many people were home! On Friday is the big celebration and it was like walking through a ghost town because literally everybody was gone!
Our district leader and his comp had a meeting at the stake center, but since it was Holy Friday none of the buses were running so they had a surprise sleepover with us! We played monopoly and it nearly ruined our district, but it all worked out in the end. I won :).
Then we taught a new investigator who we found on Friday. We only had about 10 minutes so we just talked a little about prophets and invited him to General Conference (here you have to go to the stake center to watch it). He came for the Saturday morning session so we watched that in Spanish with him. I was surprised because I actually understood almost everything! He loved it so much he told me he was more important than me and stole my notebook from me and started taking notes! Haha and then he brought his whole family to the Sunday afternoon session! Also it’s too bad that you missed Saturday afternoon because those talks were brilliant. Conference keeps getting better and better! As of now we have two baptisms planned for the 18th so we are working really hard to make those work out!
Also bad news, I don´t know if I told you this but my abs are slowly dying. I lost 7 and 8 in the CCM and I just recently lost 6 and 5. 4321 are hanging on, but with a rice filled diet like this, it is only a matter of time :(. I cant wait to get back and get big again.  Oh well- a day in the life….


Elder Harsh

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