Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 80

Hi Everyone,
Welp, just like that another week down! This week was kinda crazy but I feel like I always say that so I guess I could say this week was normal? I was able to stay in the country this week but no worries, this Thursday I am flying out to Bonaire for 2 days to work with the Elders over there and I get to see Vaquero!! I am so excited to see him!
But this past week was great! Last P day I finally convinced the other Elders to bike the island with me! We went from the very south tip, dipped our hands in the water, and then went up to the north tip and dipped our hands in the water! It was way cool and I feel very accomplished! It honestly isn't that big of deal because this island is tiny but it’s still cool to say!
 Then this week was busy because our branch had 2 activities that we had to set up for, help run, and help clean up! The members always call us to help them with stuff like that but it’s ok because they are all so cool we love spending time with them! Also E. Nance got sick so that killed a day, so I was able to watch the restoration video in 12 different languages! That was kinda fun, but I was so bored!  Hahaha!
And Saturday morning we had a baptism of an 8 year old member in San Nicolaas, (my old Aruba area) and he wanted me to be a witness for his baptism! So that was SO nice to go into the Caribbean water! Also, plot twist, there is a tradition in San Nick that I didn't know about to always push the elder in the water so he can get wet too #thanks so the guy's dad pushed me in right before they took the picture after the ordinance! I wasn't even mad :)
Also I don't remember if I told you this or not but I am really pushing to get more Papiamento materials for the church down here and after months of pestering I finally convinced Pres. Egbert to get us Papiamento Nametags! He is still in the process of ordering them but it’s gonna happen! It doesn't sound like much, but stuff like that really means a lot to the members down here. When I told Sis. Odor that we were going to be getting Papiamento nametags she started to cry. It really does mean a lot to them. So that's about all that I can remember right now!

Elder Harsh

Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 79

This is the only thing I got from Elder Harsh this week.  I totally forgot to write him!  I have never done that! Ever!!! I felt so bad, but then I just laughed at his response.  So I had to draw from Keven’s and Josilyn’s letter for this week’s report!
My letter…
Hey remember you have a kid on a mission......out here.....lonely........with an empty inbox........missing you.........
Elder Harsh
 From Keven's letter:
The Chacon Family is doing good but we are adjusting their baptism date. We had it for this Saturday but they aren't ready yet, but they are progressing very well! They accepted the Word of Wisdom like it was nothing and threw out all the alcohol from their fridge and haven't drank any coffee since! The mom stopped taking care of children on Sundays so she will be able to come to church and the dad is looking for another guy to help him in his carpenter shop for the same reason! They aren't ready but they are preparing very well! Did mom forget about me? or is she just mad because I wrote on Tuesday a few weeks in a row. Haha!
Aruba is great! I told President I want to finish my mission in Aruba and he said probably not. Well he actually said "I am not in control of that" which means "no" so bummer so I am probs going to Curacao or something which I am alright with I guess, but Aruba is by far my favorite island.

Mom forgot about me this week so that’s cool. #StillFavoriteChild

This is from Belinda's letter:
Wow the one week that you write me my mom decides to forget about me! At least I still get to say hi mom this week. Hi mom!
 From Josilyn's letter:
Looking back on my mission is weird. Thinking back to when I was in the DR feels like forever and a half ago, but when I was in Bonaire (first area in the islands) feels like last week! I really feel like I have put my whole self into these Islands!! Like really every area I have been to, I have had to start at 0 either because I whitewashed, opened up a new area, or saved it from a bad missionary who wasn't working. It has been so tough starting new every transfer like that and not really seeing much success as far as baptisms go, but as a zone leader I see all the numbers of the missionaries and I see all the areas that I opened and saved and I see them flourishing and teaching tons of people and baptizing and it honestly makes me feel so good. Even if I can't be there to see the products I know that I was there to plow the ground and plant the seeds and it’s a really great thing to see. I love these islands.

So even if his Mother forgot to write- he sounds like he is doing great!
Thanks for everyone’s support!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 78

Hi Everyone!
Whew the weeks keep getting crazier and crazier out here in paradise! We have been scrambling like crazy to figure out the preparations for the zone conference this week! Oh, yeah, in other news we have a zone conference this week so all the missionaries are flying to Aruba for a conference with President. It has been quite a while since we have seen him so we are excited for that! But that puts a lot of stress on me to figure everything out for transportation and food and sleeping arrangements for 10 extra missionaries! 
And to put the cherry on top… the sisters crashed their car into a rock!!! So not only do we have 10 missionaries coming but we have no car to transport them!! Nice one sisters..... Also I am writing late again (sorry) hopefully for the last time! On top of all that happened I also have to head out to Curacao for a day to renew my tourist visa. So it’s been pretty hectic here! But besides that the work has been kinda slow because Carnival was going on but its all part of the adventure!
This week has been crazy and from the looks of it this week that is coming is going to be nuts too! I made the comment today to E Walker (the other Zone leader) that I wish I could just go back to being a junior companion so all I had to do was worry about working in my area and that’s it. I said it as more of a joke because of all the stuff we were trying to figure out but then it kinda made us both think about how much we have learned in the past little while being missionaries, Leaders, senior couples, and everything else for these islands. It really is incredible how the Lord qualifies you when you are called and how he strengthens you in your weakness and makes it for your benefit! I still think it would be nice to go back to junior companion, but I sure have learned a lot this past little while and really do enjoy my calling as a leader out here!
I am really looking forward to this Zone Conference! It is going to be about the Atonement kind of going more into what Pres. Cornish of the 70 taught us at the last zone leader meeting. It should be really good! But I don't really have too much time today because I have to be at the airport pretty soon for my flight so I will talk with you next week!!

Elder Harsh

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week 77

Hi Everyone,
Hey uh so we are writing late again this week....I probably should have given you some heads up about that sorry mom. I think next week is the last week of carnival so after that everything should be back to normal!
But this week was great! We had tons of help from the members with our lessons and were able to follow up on some referrals and one of them is great! We had a great lesson with this girl named Malli. She is from the Dominican Republic and she lived 3 streets outside of my old area in the DR!!!! I thought that was a lot cooler than she did......BUT we had a good lesson with her and then the next lesson we brought a member couple with us and talked about the book of Mormon and it went great! The only problem is that because of her work we can only meet with her on Sundays, but she is coming to church next Sunday! The Chacon family is still doing well but the daughter has kinda lost interest but we are working with her, but the parents are doing great and have been coming to church and everything! Also we had our branch conference so I got to see Pres. Albus from Bonaire and that was a lot of fun to catch up with him! But we kinda have a lesson soon so we don't have much time today so see you next week!!

Elder Harsh