Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 97

Hi Everyone,
Well another great week has flown by! But no worries, if I ever forget that my time is slowly dwindling down, EVERYBODY feels like they need to let me know that I am going home soon. AS IF I DON'T ALREADY KNOW IT. haha anyways it’s gonna be weird and sad to leave. E. Birch and I are having so much fun together. There is never a dull moment with us.
These last few weeks we have been focusing on less actives and strengthening the leadership of the branch. We got a relief society president called, and an elder's quorum president is on his way! Also we have been seeing the attendance slowly going up as more and more families start coming back and the branch is starting to get excited about the gospel again! It was really cool to see the difference these past few weeks, and we had a really really good branch council! It was the second one ever, but we had literally pounded the red handbook into our branch president's head and we had a very productive meeting!
Also we met a new family that we are teaching and one of the daughters looks like Nikki Manaj only with less....features...... Anyways fun fact Nikki Manaj is from Trinidad. Once you visit Trinidad all her craziness kind of starts to make sense haha. Well I have to wrap it up because I need to send in this big long speech thingy to the mission office and I am not looking forward to that. Have a good week!

Elder Harsh

Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 96

Hi Everyone!
So I was going to send some pictures because I need to send some to Trinidad but I forgot my sorry about that...
Buuuut this week was great! First of all apparently my paperwork for an extension didn't go through and so I became illegal so I got to head out to Trinidad this past Friday! That was a lot of fun! I spent some time in the office, saw E. Hunt, and ate a lot of free food because I am tight with the mission financial secretary :) So I had a good time in Trinidad this week, as well as helping out the Branch.
 Our branch is really struggling because the leadership is um...interesting. But our Branch president is at least willing to do something if we tell him exactly how to do it and he loves to delegate his responsibility onto us but hey, that’s why we are here haha so we finally got a Relief Society president so this week we are going to hopefully set up some sort of visiting teaching and not to far down the road they should call an Elders quorum president.
As for our investigators, it was a really rough week. Our two progressing investigators kinda stopped progressing. Derek relapsed and started drinking again after almost two months of being sober, and Zianni is having personal problems and says she can't focus on this until that kind of resolves. What she doesn't understand is that she is cutting herself off from the one thing that could solve her problems! So hopefully this week will be better.
Also this Sunday we are taking another road trip down to Berbice to teach the Spanish people again, so I am looking forward to that! Should be a good week this week!
Elder Harsh

Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 95

Hi Everyone,
Well this week was great! We had a lot of bike problems and other things that kinda made it tough to work but it was still a good week. I am staying with E. Birch and I think that President is coming to the country one more time before I leave.
This week we had a really cool suprise! Out of nowhere one night pres. Egbert called me and said that in the other zone, (about 2 hours away) the missionaries contacted a Spanish couple and he wanted me to call them and see if they are interested. So I called them and they were and so Pres. gave us permission to head way out to Berbice to go teach them. It was so much fun! E. Birch and I on a road trip was great, the lesson went phenomenal, and I got to speak Spanish! It was great the people were very prepared to hear about the Gospel and they were begging me to come back so we could explain more. I will be talking to Pres. to see if he will let me go. haha. But it was tons of fun! We ended up staying with the Elders down there and then came back up early this morning. It was a blast.
There is always something crazy like that going on and I love it so much! Mission life is pretty good :)

Elder Harsh