Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 95

Hi Everyone,
Well this week was great! We had a lot of bike problems and other things that kinda made it tough to work but it was still a good week. I am staying with E. Birch and I think that President is coming to the country one more time before I leave.
This week we had a really cool suprise! Out of nowhere one night pres. Egbert called me and said that in the other zone, (about 2 hours away) the missionaries contacted a Spanish couple and he wanted me to call them and see if they are interested. So I called them and they were and so Pres. gave us permission to head way out to Berbice to go teach them. It was so much fun! E. Birch and I on a road trip was great, the lesson went phenomenal, and I got to speak Spanish! It was great the people were very prepared to hear about the Gospel and they were begging me to come back so we could explain more. I will be talking to Pres. to see if he will let me go. haha. But it was tons of fun! We ended up staying with the Elders down there and then came back up early this morning. It was a blast.
There is always something crazy like that going on and I love it so much! Mission life is pretty good :)

Elder Harsh

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