Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 94

Hi Everyone!
Well we got transfer calls and its official, I am dying here in Guyana! It is so weird to think this is my last transfer! It doesn't feel like it, except for the fact that EVERYBODY reminds me about it.
 But in other news, Arifa's sister named Zianni has been taking the lessons from us and came to church yesterday! She has seen a big change in Arifa since her baptism and that example has influenced her a lot. She has a baptismal date coming up about mid June, so we will see how that goes! So far so good with that! This past week was Guyana's 50th anniversary of Independence and they had a big celebration that kind of made it hard to work, but I guess it was cool. I wasn't sure what it was going to be like, and I told the members they should have a BBQ and talk about freedom but then I realized this isn't America so they  basically just sat in the streets and drank. I'm glad I'm American.
Also a member had a wedding on Saturday and we went to go help serve drinks and stuff, and we got TONS of free food and drinks. It was great. Also the theme of the wedding was Indian and African so everybody had on really cool dresses and stuff. The groom had a giant stuffed lion on his shoulder. It was weird haha but way cool. Nothing we won't do for free food :)

Elder Harsh

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