Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 93

Hi Everyone!
Well this past week we had a zone conference with Pres. Egbert and it was really good, BUT I was rudely awakened to the fact that it is my last zone conference by having to give my departing testimony. THAT was a wakeup call! It feels so weird to just have one transfer left! But not gonna let that time go to waste.
 Zone Conference was great! It was all about the temple and helping us understand what happens and everything. Two of the most repeated quotes were: "The temple is different, not weird" and "I didn't tell you that, the scriptures did" So it was very interesting. We read a lot from the Old Testament and DyC about temples and he made me really really excited to be able to go when I get home! It answered a lot of questions and gave me lots more! He had this big long discussion and said it was only about 20% of the whole thing, which he will give to us when we get home. So do your research because we are gonna have some learning to do! There was a few times where I was mad because we weren't in the temple, but when we get home, we can just head over to the temple and then have the discussion which will be nice.
He told us our priorities when we get home should be 1- hug your mom and 2 -run to the temple. I think under the circumstances step 1.5 will be take a hot shower and step 3 will be go to Cafe Rio. But this Saturday we get transfer calls but from the looks of it I am dying here in Guyana with good ol Elder Birch which I am happy about. Also he is happy because he wants a lot of my stuff when I leave haha. But we had a great conference and I am looking forward to finishing strong this transfer!

Elder Harsh

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