Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 92

Hi Everyone,
Well this was definitely an interesting week! My companion started a trend and all the missionaries were getting sick this week! There was only one companionship out of the whole zone that didn't have at least one of them sick, and a lot of them had both sick! Kinda weird, and two of them have the Zika virus so hopefully I don't get that haha don't worry I’ll be fine.
But this week we actually had a few days where the sun came out so that was a nice change, but it was HUMID because it had been raining so much. E. Birch was sick for half the week so I don't really have much to say, but next week is zone conference and Pres. Egbert is going to teach us about temples and I am really excited for that!
I kinda broke my permanent retainer on the left side, but I think I’ll just wait to get it fixed.  Apparently if you need work done on your teeth, they inject you with cocaine!  That would definitely make your face numb.  Haha! So maybe it would be better to have Dr. Andy fix it….  Third world countries are fun!
So that’s about it, sorry it’s short this week!

Elder Harsh         

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