Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 80

Hi Everyone,
Welp, just like that another week down! This week was kinda crazy but I feel like I always say that so I guess I could say this week was normal? I was able to stay in the country this week but no worries, this Thursday I am flying out to Bonaire for 2 days to work with the Elders over there and I get to see Vaquero!! I am so excited to see him!
But this past week was great! Last P day I finally convinced the other Elders to bike the island with me! We went from the very south tip, dipped our hands in the water, and then went up to the north tip and dipped our hands in the water! It was way cool and I feel very accomplished! It honestly isn't that big of deal because this island is tiny but it’s still cool to say!
 Then this week was busy because our branch had 2 activities that we had to set up for, help run, and help clean up! The members always call us to help them with stuff like that but it’s ok because they are all so cool we love spending time with them! Also E. Nance got sick so that killed a day, so I was able to watch the restoration video in 12 different languages! That was kinda fun, but I was so bored!  Hahaha!
And Saturday morning we had a baptism of an 8 year old member in San Nicolaas, (my old Aruba area) and he wanted me to be a witness for his baptism! So that was SO nice to go into the Caribbean water! Also, plot twist, there is a tradition in San Nick that I didn't know about to always push the elder in the water so he can get wet too #thanks so the guy's dad pushed me in right before they took the picture after the ordinance! I wasn't even mad :)
Also I don't remember if I told you this or not but I am really pushing to get more Papiamento materials for the church down here and after months of pestering I finally convinced Pres. Egbert to get us Papiamento Nametags! He is still in the process of ordering them but it’s gonna happen! It doesn't sound like much, but stuff like that really means a lot to the members down here. When I told Sis. Odor that we were going to be getting Papiamento nametags she started to cry. It really does mean a lot to them. So that's about all that I can remember right now!

Elder Harsh

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