Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 33

Hi Everyone!
Well this was quite the week, I don´t really know where to start! A few weeks ago we were walking along and these kids were struggling to carry a mattress up the side of a mountain to their new house. We went and helped them and we asked the mom if she needed any more help. She was really happy when we asked her because it turns out she was moving her entire house, so we spent the next hour or so moving all of her possessions up a mountain. (It was in a poor area so there wasn´t too much to move) After we finished we tried to find the mom to ask if we could come by later and share a message, but she was nowhere to be found. So through the next few weeks we tried to contact that house but she wasn´t ever there and we kinda got the feeling she just used us and was avoiding us. But one day we were walking and we decided to go try one more time. We were kinda nervous because getting rejected sucks, but we went for it anyways. When she came and saw it was us her face lit up and she gave us one of the warmest welcomes I’ve ever gotten! She was so nice and she absolutely loves this gospel. She went to church and has already read a pretty big chunk of the book of Mormon.
Also this past Saturday we had a service project where we cut down all this tall grass with machetes. There is an art to using a machete, but after slight lacerations on my hand, knee, and companion´s elbow, I actually got really good at using it! The only problem is it took us 2 and a half hours to do what I could have done in 10 minutes with a weed wacker. But we had a good time and we got empanadas afterwards. Also we had intercambios and I was with E. Zamora from Texas and we had such a good time!! We are best buds, and let’s just say we know how to party. I will send some pictures home that will help you understand!  haha. Also earlier today we went up to Yamasa and Elder Zamora and I played basketball with some people there. Mom you are gonna be so proud- Us two white kids beat the team of three black kids!!! I think we are ready to play in the suburbs of Chicago. But that’s about it, I’ll be sending pictures home soon!
                Oh also coming back home from intercambios, a guy just walked off the bus with my bag. Sooooo I am down one white shirt, a pair of garments, My really handy micro fiber towel, and ALL OF MY PICTURES. It’s a given that every intercambio you always take all your photos and talk about home and stuff with the other missionary, and so the photo album and every single picture I had is gone. So maybe you could send (lots) more pictures! Include one of my flying the hot air balloons! Love ya!

Elder Harsh

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