Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 29

Hi Everyone!
Well this is the week that me and Elder Cook have been dreading. It’s most likely our last week together because transfers are next week and I have been in Punta for 6 months. But we both just finished sending emails to President begging him to keep us together one more transfer. So next week when we receive transfer calls should be interesting.
Anyways this week was really good! I don´t know where to start! One morning we had a lesson fall through, so instead of contacting or something we had the impression to just go straight to our next lesson. On the way we bumped into a member who lives up in Yamasa and she told us she has a reference for us! She took us to her mother´s house and we got talking to her and she is very interested and the lesson after that went really well too! Her name is Angela and we passed by the construction site where she cooks meals for the workers, and her friend is a member in a different area and she gave us a reference for the family of a guy who was painting our ward mission leader´s house!
Also we set a date for the marriage and baptism of an older couple we have been working on with a member of the stake presidency. And if that’s not enough I have one more cool story that I can think of. I don´t remember if I told you this but last transfer we were out contacting and there was a house playing Chris Brown so of course we contacted that house so we could listen to it for a second haha. Anyways we ended up talking to someone who was just visiting and when we asked if we could talk with the person that lives there she told us she was busy and wasn´t very interested. So fast forward to yesterday when at church one of the members asks if we could come visit a friend of hers. We go with her that afternoon and it ended up being the same house! (no music this time :(  but we went in and she was so warm and friendly and kept asking what she could do to get closer to God! It was such a great lesson teaching her about the restoration and it really made me realize the difference a friend can make!
 Ok one last story and then I´ll wrap it up. We brought a new family to church who had been really receptive to what we had been teaching him but a little hesitant to say whether he thought it was true or not. This past Sunday was testimony meeting and he asked me if he could go up. I was really surprised but I already explained to him what testimony meeting was so I told him to go for it. He went up and told everybody how lucky they were to be here. He said that he felt like a new wind has taken hold of his life and that he couldn´t believe people could have this kind of joy and peace in their lives! It was one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard and he wasn´t even a member! This has been such a good week! Hope all is good back home!!

Elder Harsh   
Blake's barber!

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