Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 32

Hi Everyone!
Before we get started, yesterday I just found out the magic of tide to go!! It literally makes the stains disappear from your shirt!! I used the entire thingy getting off seven months  worth of stains out of my shirts yesterday. The only bad news is i´m out so if you could send me more of that, I´d sure appreciate that. Also Chulula.
Anyways this week was a great week. It was a pretty average week, but average with me and Elder Cook means we are having a great time! We taught this guy named Leonedas this week for the first time in about 4 weeks. He was a contact we made and we taught him a few lessons, but he was also taking lessons with the Jehovahs Witnesses. He told us he wanted to finish up with them and then start with us, and when we tried to make a return appointment he told us just to ask him if he is outside when we walk by. Normally that is how Dominicans say they aren´t interested, but we walked by last week and he was outside and we made a lesson with him. We had already taught him about the restoration and the book of Mormon and so we kinda just talked with him and answered some questions he had and out of nowhere Elder Cook just asked him if he knows this is true. He was silent for what felt like an eternity and then he said, I´m glad you asked me that question. He was praying about whether the other church he was studying was true and when he finished he noticed the book of mormon and so he opened it and started reading. He had a few questions that we answered for him but he told us that he knows this message was true and he wants to come to church next week! It doesn´t matter how many times I will see that as a missionary, I will never get sick of that moment when investigators first gain their testimony.
This coming week we have intercambios(Exchanges) coming up and I am going to head up to Yamasa with a Elder Zamora from Texas. We are already way tight so we are both way pumped for this week.

Elder Harsh
Drying my Laundry

 My washing machine

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