Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 28

Hi Everyone!
Well this week was good! We had a zone activity today and we played ultimate frisbee but we had to use a soccer ball because Dominicans don´t know what frisbees are. It was great and just when we were getting too hot and tired, to keep playing, the zone leaders brought out four big buckets of water balloons! It was a great time.
 This past week we met a guy who spoke English. It was fun to try and teach him in English but halfway through we just decided to switch to Spanish because we are so used to teaching in Spanish! He has a really interesting story. When he was 12 he moved to New York with his family and got caught up with drugs and gang stuff. He wouldn´t tell us very many details but he was in and out of prison and eventually got deported. He came back to the DR and started a family and now has two little girls and has been sober for 3 years. He absolutely loved talking about the Plan of Salvation with us and he asked us if he could bring his spouse to the next lesson. We of course said yes and kinda felt silly for not asking him to invite her- haha. But that was a really interesting contact to make so we will see where that goes!
Lots of people I talk to have family or know somebody that lives in New York. Its kinda difficult sometimes because the Dominicans don’t know and think New York is the United States. I have family in New York! Oh really what part? Florida. (facepalm). Or they ask me if I´m from New York and I say no Utah in the Stados Unidos, and they say Is Utah a town in New York? Its kinda funny! haha.

Elder Harsh
Pictures of families in the Punta Area

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