Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 26

Hi Everyone!
This week was great! It is so much fun having an English speaking companion! Me and Elder Cook have a very similar sense of humor and so we always keep each other entertained. One game we started playing is called the insult game. While we are walking down the street the kids always tell us to say something in English as we pass by, and so we made the game where we have to insult them in English but we can´t reuse an insult. It makes the kids smile because we are speaking to them in English and it makes us smile because those kids have no idea that I just told them  that 'Their mom goes to college'. Needless to say we are enjoying ourselves.
Two weeks ago we contacted a guy named Yenson. He is a part time baseball coach and so he invited us to play baseball with him earlier today. Turns out he is a part time coach for a REAL team. Their coach plays for the White Sox and their assistant coach plays for Kansas City!! They are only here for another week or two and then they head back to the states for spring training! It was so cool to talk with them and then we all played baseball and it was so much fun!! It was just a relaxed game but we all had a ton of fun and we all got to know each other well! I asked what the Professional baseball players name was but he just said 'My friends call me Tito' and when I asked what I should call him he said Tito. So I don´t know his name but I can check off 'befriend a professional baseball player' off my bucket list! 
Life is good here in the Dominican Republic and I hope everything is good back home too!

Elder Harsh 

                                                                    New investigator :)

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