Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 24

Hi Everyone!
Well transfers are tomorrow and I am staying here for another transfer! That will make over 6 months in one area! But my companion is heading out to a different zone and my new companion´s name is Elder Cook. The fact that his name is Cook and not Cocinar probably means he is an American, so I´m really looking forward to that! But I´m kinda bummed to see Elder Zetina go, and cool thing we learned this week is that Kolton Larson is serving in the mission where Elder Zetina lives! Small world!
Elder Zetina and I have only had one close scary call, if you could call it that, we had a group of Tigres (deliquens) followed us for a bit but we stopped and contacted a house and they let us in and when we got out they were gone. But that’s about it! We have had some arguments with some Advintistas and other people, but after one or two of those I pulled out the scripture in 3 Nephi about contention and told my companion they aren’t about to listen to us so let’s quit wasting our time arguing with them. It’s been kinda hard on him because he loves to argue with people. He said it’s an adrenaline rush and I told him he doesn´t know the definition of an adrenaline rush!  We then had a lesson where an investigator had an honest question that E Zetina answered using the scripture he usually used to argue and after that he kinda realized that there is a time and place for that kind of stuff.
 As for the baptism, we had to cancel it last minute which was a bummer. She had been having financial struggles and might have to move and all this stuff so her life was kinda crazy. She finally got this new job we had been praying for her to get, and by some miracle she doesn´t have to work on Sundays! But her first day was Saturday and she was supposed to get off at 5 in time for the baptism at 7 but she had to work later and called us at 650 to let us know she couldn´t make it. It was a bummer but we figure it’s better than if she made a mistake and couldn´t be baptized. So we will wait for her life to settle down a bit and baptize her when she feels absolutely ready.
I´m kinda glad that I get to stay here one more transfer because I am getting really attached to the people here! That was my week kind of a bummer but we had some good lessons and other experiences to make up for it! Hope all is good at home!
Elder Harsh

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