Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 23

Hi Everyone
This past week was great! We got to go to the temple on Wednesday and I saw a few of my buddies from the CCM there! It was great talking with them and hearing all their stories! The temple was great too!
And Saturday we had Georgina´s baptism interview. After the interview all the district leader had to say was ¨wow, she is ready for baptism¨ I wish he would have known her two months ago so he could see the difference! But she has tons of faith and if all goes well her baptism will be this Saturday.
Right now I am studying the New Testament.  It is a whole lot easier to understand the significance of everything after reading Jesus the Christ, so if you haven´t read that, I would definitely suggest that! I love to eat the Spitz dill pickle sunflower seeds during personal study, and it keeps me awake!
But transfers are this next week and there is a very good chance I am getting transferred I kinda hope I get an English companion this next transfer, but I´m getting comfortable with Spanish so it’s really not a big deal anymore.  It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to some of the friends I have made here, but I´m kinda looking forward to see other parts of the DR. But there is a slight chance I will stay here so I guess we will have to see. I´ll be sure to let you know next week!

Love Elder Harsh
View of the Dominican Republic Temple

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