Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 22

Hi Everyone!
Well this was a week of ups and downs! We had two people scheduled for baptism on the 24th, Georgina that I told you about last week, and Juana. Juana had been progressing very well but we stopped by last Saturday night to remind her about church and we found her at a colmado drinking. The next day she didn´t show up to church, but we stopped by and talked with her and she is still interested, but she just isn´t quite ready yet. So that was kind of sad. But with Georgina, early in the week we discovered she had a problem with coffee. She said she would stop but two days later she said that she got awful headaches and she couldn´t stop. We then taught her about the law of the fast, and had a really powerful lesson about how she can fast for help overcoming her addiction. She is now 4 days clean of coffee and is preparing for her interview this Saturday!
Also in other news last night E. Zetina wanted pancakes but we didn´t have the right ingredients and since it was Sunday we couldn´t go to the colmado to get anything. Sooo we made them anyways and they were awful. We didn´t have syrup so we tried them with honey and it was nasty. So I figured I had nothing to lose and I got out the chalula sauce and IT WAS DELICIOUS. Me and my companion high fived and ate the rest of the nasty pancakes with chalula sauce!! So that’s about all that happened this week.

Elder Harsh
Streets of Punta

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