Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 21

Hey Everyone!
Well its 2015 aka the one and only complete year of my life I won’t see my mommy!
 New year’s was really boring. We were on lock down and none of our neighbors had cards or dominos to let us borrow so we had to improvise a little! They weren´t playing music very loud so we couldn´t even make fun of the music to pass the time! We were so bored we ended up putting in earplugs and just going to bed, but we set an alarm for 11:50 because this was both of our first new years and we were curious how Dominican’s celebrate!  When the clock struck midnight the Dominicans that were in the street drinking got up, hugged everyone, and left.  It was really dissapointing but we did get to see a drunk guy try to ride away on his motorcycle so it was all worth it!
Also I got to use my Chulula sauce this week and holy cow, its good!!!  Dominican food doesn´t suck, it just lacks chulula!! Rice and beans are alright, but with chulula it’s great! Dominican spaghetti is great, but with chulula it is even better! And that’s about the only food Dominicans eat. My latest million dollar idea is after my mission I am going to market Chulula here and make millions! But like most of my million dollar ideas I ran into a little snag, because Dominicans don´t like spicy food. At all!!  So dang.
 In other news, two weeks ago Juan Miguel (the guy we baptized) gave his first talk in church and nailed it! Yesterday the three kids all got up and bore their testimonies and it was awesome!!
Also, we have an investigator named Georgina. I have taught her my entire mission with little signs of progression, but we finally got her to attend the Christmas party, and at the party we asked a member of the Bishopric to bring her to church. He did, but the next week we forgot to ask him and so we were kinda bummed until she showed up by herself! She has attended every Sunday since then and as of Saturday has a baptism date for the 24th of this month! It was really awesome to FINALLY see her progress! So things here are going well and I hope all is well back home too!

Elder Harsh

Elder Harsh and Elder Zetina's baptisms

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