Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 20

Skyping on Christmas!

Well hey everyone!
 I kinda like this whole talk to you twice a week thing! Christmas here is weird. On Christmas eve we actually didn´t have very many lessons fall through and were able to teach quite a few people, but then we had to come back home before it got dark, and we were under house arrest until 3 o clock Christmas day. It was really boring and we couldn´t sleep because the colmado(store) underneath us was playing music ALL NIGHT.
 Dominicans pretty much celebrate Christmas by eating a big meal with their family and then going out and drinking all night. Then Christmas day they sleep all day, which makes it really hard to teach lessons, and then we had to head back a little early that night too because Dominicans do it all over again and drink all night on the 25th too.
So we have kinda had a slow week but we found this new investigator named Mariabell. She is blind and so we thought she just wanted us to come over because she was lonely, but when we came she had her mom and daughter there too and they all had really good questions and we started teaching them about the plan of salvation and they loved it! They didn´t even hesitate to say yes when we invited them to come to church on Sunday and they said they loved it! I´m not looking forward to new year’s because that means another two days of house arrest (this time without presents to open) but we have enough snacks that I think we will survive :) I hope you all had a good Christmas!

Elder Harsh
His apartment- Not too bad.

This is their Branch building- It used to be Disco tech night club....interesting!
Elder Granada and Elder Harsh getting ready to kill this spider below!

This is the spider from a few letter's ago that was in their apartment!  It was bigger than Elder Harsh's hand.  And yes, they killed it!
Parts and pieces!

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