Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 25

Hello Everyone!
Well here we are again another P day down! Today we had a pizza party with our district! It was way good but super expensive and we are going to feel that when the apollo runs out haha I don´t know how to say apollo in English.
 But this week was easily the best week of my mission! My companion is named Elder Cook and he is from Las Vegas and yeah he speaks English!! He is a goon and we are already good friends! We also think alike so we have taught some gnarly lessons this week! There were so many good ones I can´t share them all, but one that stands out to me was with an investigator named Kati. She has all the lessons and is ready for baptism except for the fact that she isn´t married to her husband. NOBODY here is married and its annoying. haha but her husband is always working and doesn´t come to the lessons, but she wanted us to talk to him about them getting married. She told us her husband is friends with our branch president and she said if we brought him along her husband would probably come inside and listen to us. So we brought the President to the lesson and after 45 mins of waiting he finally came in. I had absolutely no idea what I was going to say, and it dawned on me that I was the one that had to teach because Elder Cook knew nothing about their situation. So as he walked in I offered a short to the point prayer that consisted of the words I need help amen. He sat down and I didn´t really give much thought to anything, I just went forward with faith and God really did put the words in my mouth that I needed to say. I ended up talking about our purpose here as missionaries and a little about what his wife had been learning and then introduced the law of chasitiy and talked about the importance of marriage. I had the branch President testify of the blessings that come from marriage and then I bore my testimony and then let Kati bear her testimony to her husband. It was the most powerful lesson I have ever taught and he said not only will he get married but he also wants to learn more about the church! He said there is something about you Mormons that is wearing off on my wife and I want that in my life too! I just kinda sat there stunned and he started repeating himself because he thought I didn´t understand him haha. I then bore testimony again of the truthfullness of the gospel and the happiness I know it will bring to their family. I was surprised at how excited he was to learn more, but not as surprised as Kati!
After the lesson she couldn´t stop thanking us and she kept telling us how much of a surprise that whole situation was! I know that if you move forward in faith, God will give you the words you need to say in the very SECOND you need them. If you have faith, God will take care of the rest. That is one of many lessons I learned this week and I can´t wait for another week!

Elder Harsh

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