Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 51

Hey Everyone!
This week was good! First things first I finally found out our mission address! Its going to be the same deal as last mission, it gets sent to the mission office and when president comes he will give me the stuff.

Elder Blake Harsh
Trinidad, Port of Spain Mission
PO Bag 543
Trinidad and Tobago

Also this week we had the two less actives we had been working with at church again!! We meet in a house and it is getting pretty full! We also made a very cool contact. It is a guy about our age and he started off by saying he wasn't very religious but he let us in anyways and we started talking with him and he was such a chill guy! We spent an entire hour talking before we started teaching anything. He said that his family has talked with missionaries before, but he was never interested because he didn't want to be forced into anything. He also asked if all Americans are as nice as us haha I told him yes. He said he wasn't that religious but he has actually given a lot of thought about his relationship with God and the world. He told us what he thought and most of it was pretty accurate! It was a really positive lesson and we are going back there tomorrow!
 As you know we live on an island so last week we did what every missionary should do which is go have family night on the beach!! We did it with Juan David's family which is good because only him and his mom are members so we had a great time and like always, I did a backflip by the ocean (turns out I can still do one!). I will probably send my memory card home with E Foote who goes home next week but the family took pictures of the family night so I will send some of those in another email to calm my mom down a little. Hope all is well back home!

Elder Harsh

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