Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 50

Hi Everyone!
This was a great week and a lot happened!
Juan David is this 19 year old kid in our branch who is way chill. Like after the first day here in Aruba we were already best friends. He has been waiting for his mission call for 8 MONTHS. haha mine came in 6 days. Anyways he finally got it so we surprised him with it Sunday morning at church and he was so excited. He is going to Paris, France Spanish speaking! He always makes fun of my Papiamento so I told him to just wait until he gets to France and can't understand anyone!! haha. My companion Elder Foote is a bit trunky, but between me and Juan David, we are keeping him going!
         And we just got a reference from that less active family but aside from that everybody is pretty busy. But we are trying to fill up our mornings with service for the members because that really helped the members in Bonaire get to know us and help us so that’s what we are going to do this week. We also are going to go contact some other areas because our investigator pool is kind of struggling. But we are doing great working with less-actives, and we got two to come to church!
We did a big service project for a member up in Oranjestad where we were unloading and sorting frozen fish in a giant freezer. It was the first time I had been cold in a year and it was AWESOME. But I am going through ski fever in July. Anyways the guy was really nice and gave us a ton of frozen fish to eat, so we went and gave some to some of the widows in the branch, one being the less active lady. It’s funny how a little kindness can go such a long way.
After church we decided to go try and visit this less active family that we had never met before and they said that they were just reading the scriptures together and thinking about how they need to come back to church when we knocked on the door! We had a really spiritual lesson with them and they told us to save them a seat at church next week. Our church is in a house which means that I am going to hit my year mark without ever going to church in an actual church. Because my mission is awesome! :)
The branch is awesome with mostly new members and like 2 or 3 that have been members for a little over 10 years. One guy is named Brother Buckley and he reminds me of JJ a lot!! We are already really good friends. 
Oh yeah, and I can truthfully say I haven't been sick since I was in the DR. The DR gave me lots of belly aches, a great Spanish vocabulary, and a celestialized immune system. I don't think I will ever get sick ever again.
Also today I CAUGHT A FISH WITH MY BARE HANDS....Again! First the carp at Bear lake and now a bokachika in Aruba. Man I am so cool.

Love you all!

Elder Harsh

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