Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 47

Hi Everyone!
This week was great!! But some bad news, we found a hermit crab that was the size of a baseball and named it Steven, and kept it in this bucket, but we wanted him to be able to roam around a little so we put him up on the counter and HE FELL OFF. So no more Steven. But we now have an awesome parable of how the bucket is like the commandments. But I'm getting distracted.
We had Vaquero's baptism!! I kinda forgot to mention that last week because we were busy with the mission change but we baptized him!! He chose me to baptize him and I GOT TO DO IT IN THE OCEAN!! It was the coolest thing in the world! Also Vaquero means Cowboy in Spanish, but that’s his name! I kinda forgot to tell you that, because I forgot tu no hables espanol. I hope I don't lose my Spanish. I love Spanish!! Papiamentu is cool too but its freaking weird. Also when the Zone Leaders interviewed him they said he was the most prepared they had ever seen somebody before baptism! So I guess all the waiting and extra work really paid off!! It was great and we also baptized him on the 4th of July! Something great seems to happen on that day every year!
       As for the mission change, we still don't know very much. I am still on Bonaire with E Walker, which is good because he is easily my favorite comp! The new president is coming a week from today so next week I might have more information. I have no idea about the mailing address yet, and I have no idea how we are going to get our stuff from the DR... But hopefully president will clear some of that up when he comes. I am going to ask him to stay in these islands for as long as possible because here you still use Spanish sometimes because there are a lot of immigrants. 
      Also this past week I had a Triligual dream!! I dreamed  in English, Spanish, and Papiamentu!!! I woke up really confused haha but that’s basically what a day is like for me! English with E Walker, Spanish and Papiamentu with our investigators, and sometimes Dutch people say stuff to us in Dutch because we are white. Its nuts here.
Today we went to donkey sanctuary and I went around and doinked donkeys on the face. I got a dope video of that. Also I kept making them hit their head on the car. It was pretty much the funniest thing in the world. Best 7 bucks I ever spent. I love you so much!!
But that’s about everything from this week! I hope I will have more answers next week!

Elder Harsh

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