Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 46

So Elder Harsh is changing missions.  He will be part of the Barbados, Bridgetown mission.  They took the islands- Aruba,  Curacao,  and Bonaire out of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo East mission and some other islands out of the West Indies mission and made the Barbados, Bridgetown mission.  So this is exciting news for Elder Harsh.  Alot of changes for this missionary!

Hey Everyone!
Wow!  This has been easily the craziest week of my mission!! Starting off with the most important, On Friday president Corbitt came to give us the news in person that the quorum of the 12 apostles have decided that the missionaries on these 3 islands are changing missions!! That means no more DR, no more Spanish, and no more President Corbitt... Kind of a Bummer!
But we are going to be Pioneering a Brand new mission so that’s way cool! Also, that’s not the only piece of news that came out of the Office of the 12! This past Sunday it was announced that these three islands are now a district!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOO! Now we aren’t just a bunch of lost branches in the middle of nowhere! We are a district!
Also President Corbitt took us out to dinner and I had the BEST steak I have ever had in my life. Oh and on Tuesday we were doing service and we invented a game called Iguana billiards. It’s where you get giant pvc pipes and poke the iguanas out of the trees. So yeah…
One of the sister’s in my district is having problems. I mean BIG problems. She is from Mexico and her Boyfriend that she has been dating for like 7 years got kidnapped and murdered!!! WHAT THE FREAK IS THAT?!?!?! And I am the only one she wants to talk about it and she TALKS AND TALKS AND TALKS and I have gotten almost no sleep. Like one day she called me from 2 to almost 4 in the morning. I know I'm supposed to be supportive but holy crap, I'm glad I'm from America!
 This Wednesday I will say goodbye to the DR which is really sad,  but like I always say "a donde me mandes Ire, senor" (I’ll go where  you want me to go, sir) 

Can't wait to start (another) new adventure!!  
  Love, Elder Harsh

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