Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 43

I had told Blake not to ride the wild donkey’s and this was his response!  Silly kid!

Hi Everyone,
Elder Walker and I were JUST talking about riding a wild donkey like 5 mins ago! You read our mind!
                But things here are great! Me and Elder Walker are having a great time! We met back at the CCM so we were already friends so when the transfer stared there was no awkward first day and we have been having great lessons! Our teaching style is very similar so we are going to do well this transfer! His Papiamentu is better than mine and my Spanish is better than his so depending on who we are teaching one of us just takes the lead!
 But bad news about Vaquero, He had some sort of work problem and couldn't come to church and so we decided not to announce his baptism because he wasn't there and we want to make sure he fully understands the importance of church attendance and the Sabbath day. But we will keep working with him! It’s important to remember that the preparation is the most important part. So we will be working on that a lot! Hope everything is good at home!

Elder Harsh

                                                           Elder Harsh and Elder Walker

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