Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 42

Hi Everyone!
Well just to update you, that one guy that got a disease and stabbed (Vaquero) is doing very well and we just planned his baptism for the 13th of this month! Also transfers came and I am staying here with a guy named Elder Walker. He is from Utah and he was in the CCM with me so we are already good friends! I am so excited for him to get here! But we still have NO information about the mission change, so who knows what’s going to happen.
We really don’t get to eat too much fast food, because there is just one place on the entire island, but we are living in a dutch culture with Dominican amount of money so we have to be careful.  We eat with members a lot J
Also this week I had been studying how to keep the spirit with me more and how to recognize the promptings of the spirit better. I read some really good scriptures one day and I was thinking about them while we were checking out at the grocery store, and I realized I was staring at this lady the entire time I was thinking. She kinda gave me a "what do you want" kind of look, so I figured I better act quick. I quickly grabbed E. Vandeur Vuer and offered to help her take her groceries out to her car. Elder V was talking to her about grocery prices and (with help from the spirit) was able to change it to a gospel conversation and it turns out back in Holland she had met with missionaries and loved it but then she moved here and lost contact with them. She gladly accepted a visit from us and gave me her business card and told me to call her to set up an appointment. It was a neat experience about learning to follow the spirit. I am also curious to know if you make a contact like that, are you supposed to wait the 72 hour rule too or is that just with girls? Anyways it was a great experience and we have a very hopeful investigator!

Elder Harsh

This is one of our Zone conferences

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