Friday, June 19, 2015

Week 44

Hi Everyone,
This was a great week! We did a lot of work with less actives and managed to get a few of them to church this week! Vaquero came as well so it was a great day yesterday!
Elder Walker is from South Jordan, There is an average of about 30 people more or less at church every week and only about 15,000 on the island haha.
 As for my responsibilities as a District Leader, I have to just make sure my district is doing ok. So basically that means I have to call the sisters every night and hear EVERY SINGLE DETAIL about their day. woo.
Vaquero is progressing really well. We had an awesome lesson about Priesthood Authority and he had actually been studying on his own a little of the Restoration again so that was awesome to hear! We just need to make sure he understands the Sabbath Day really well and then we will dunk him!!
Today we went fishing again and caught 6 or 7 fish. I caught one that was a nice size and really cool looking so I put it in a bucket and ran up to grab my camera out of the car. I grabbed it and as I get back down to the beach I arrive just in time to see Elder Vander Vuer (the senior couple missionary) cutting up my fish and using it as bait..... hahaha so no pictures of my fish this week but I'll be quicker next week!  Sorry Mommy!

Elder Harsh

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