Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 45

Hey Everyone,
Man the weeks go by so quick!
Yeah we do go fishing every P day in the mornings, really early! We start off this dock in the main touristy part of town and catch a bunch of little guys that we keep in a bucket and then we drive down to this other place and balloon out and use the little guys as bait! It usually works pretty well but today we got nothing!
This past week we have been really focusing on this less active family who is made up of an investigator sister who lives with the mom, and her two less active sisters who each have their own family. We have also been working with Vaquero and planned out his baptism with the ward council for the 4th of July!! America!! Anyways that will make that day awesome which is good because I am not looking forward to spending the fourth of July outside of America!
Also today we come home from fishing and our water didn't work! That’s kinda a normal thing for me coming from the DR, but E Walker kinda freaked out haha we went downstairs and turns out our very responsible Landlord forgot to give us the bill for the past 2 months so the dang city shut off our water!! So we showered at the Vander Vuers house and it was the first hot shower I have had in 10 months!! IT WAS INCREDIBLE.
Tonight we are going to teach Vaquero about family night and play dominos (he is dominican) and eat dessert! Keep praying that he will stay on track for his baptism!!
Oh yeah, I ate iguana meatballs…..

Elder Harsh

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