Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Week 48

Hi Everyone!
So to clear things up, I am now in the Trinidad, Port of Spain mission.
My president's name is President Egbert from Sandy Utah. I was kinda bummed at first because he couldn't possibly fill in the shoes of President Corbitt. President Corbitt wrote the church's official standpoint for Blacks and the Priesthood and he was the international face for the church and represented the church for the United Nations.
And President Egbert is a dentist from sandy. BUT we talked with him and had interviews and I feel like he is so much better than President Corbitt for me and for what these islands need. He has a very clear vision and plan which is kind of surprising because he has only been in the mission for 10 days. But rest assured I am very satisfied with the new president, and he is planning on coming out to interview us every 6 weeks! That’s unheard of in the islands! Also since we are the only Spanish speaking elders in the mission, we are going to be staying here in the islands as long as possible and help newer missionaries learn Spanish and Papiamento, and when/if our visas expire, we will go to Trinidad as Spanish elders and try to organize a Spanish branch! So I know in 1 transfer E walker is going to Trinidad to be the first Spanish elder there, and depending on visas I could either spend my entire last year in the islands or spend some time in Trinidad or Guyana. Vamos a ver. But I am very happy I won't be losing my Spanish and I will be able to keep working on my Papiamento.
I just got transferred to Aruba! It is the small branch in the less populated area and it’s an English branch! It’s going to be weird but E walker was there and he said that it’s still a lot of Spanish and usually we have to translate a lot so no worries there! I forgot to ask president about our address so I will try and get that for next week, but that’s about all the updates I have for now! Can't wait!!
Elder Harsh

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