Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 64

Hi Everyone,
Welp we got our transfer calls and...........I am going to Curasao! I get to open up a brand new area, Train a newbie from the MTC, and be District Leader over there! Not gonna lie I am pretty intimidated with this new call!! You all know how great I am with directions and now I have half an island and nobody to show me where anything is!! So that’s gonna be fun but I don't know anything about my new companion yet except for the fact that he is coming straight from the Provo MTC. Hopefully he is cool. I fly out tomorrow and then the adventure starts again!
Here in Aruba they don't Trick or Treat but this year was the first year they had a huge Halloween Party. There were different resorts for different age groups and some of the members said the kid resort was pretty fun! I actually forgot it was Halloween until the other elders banged on our door with creepy masks on scaring us half to death. It was pretty funny!
This week we were riding along and we found the old lady that ran after the bus!! Before anything else could happen I asked her to show us where she lived! Haha she gave us some lemonade and talked about the need of God and the gospel in our lives. It was a good lesson. Also later that night we had to go to Juan David's house to help him with some mission stuff, but on the way we felt like we should contact just one more house. We did and we found the most golden contact I have ever found in my mission! She had tons of great questions, was super open, and I guess it’s hard to explain, but I was super bummed that I won't be able to teach her again. I am really gonna miss Aruba! Today we went and played Beach Volleyball with a guy from Brazil, Macedonia, and the Philippines! It was tons of fun! So tomorrow I head off to Curasao and I am pretty excited but I am really going to have to rely on the help of the Lord this next transfer! Hope all is good with you guys back home!

Elder Harsh

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