Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 63

Hi Everyone,
Well this week went by pretty quick and it was pretty eventful! The past two weeks have been the hottest days in Aruba since they started keeping track of the weather here in Aruba! So It’s been SUPER HOT.
Also I am trying to get an extension and immigration just changed their policy so it makes it super difficult and I am not able to go to Trinidad yet because of legal reasons so that’s been a whole big mess we have been trying to figure out this week.
I absolutely love Papiamento. It’s so frustratingly simple but it’s tough because it borrows words from English, Spanish and Dutch. Mostly Spanish, then English, and a little Dutch and I'm to the point where I can understand well enough to say oh hey what does that Dutch word you just used mean? but you have to be on your toes because they throw in English and Spanish words into the middle of the sentence but the grammar is so different that you really have to put a lot of it together in your head, but it’s coming along great
Also something weird happened and knocked out the power in the entire island! It was super weird and it made me trunky for the DR when the power would always go out! They got it turned back on over the course of the day but down here in San Nicolas it wasn't back on for a while!
Also something weird that happened is that yesterday it rained super hard! Streets were flooding, traffic was backed up, the airport ceiling caved in and everything! It rained super hard but the weirdest part was that it was only on the north side of the island! Down here in San Nicolas we were on our bikes all day and not a single drop fell down! It was pretty weird!
Yes we taught the Jamaican and her daughter and we are going back tomorrow to teach them about the book of Mormon! And the guy from the bus was there but something came up and he was busy so we are going there this Thursday.
Also while we were out contacting we met a lady who was a member! She was one of the first 3 members baptized in Aruba, but moved back to Holland for 20 something  years and moved back in December, but has been in the hospital ever since. She just got out two weeks ago and was thrilled to see us! Definitely a miracle that the Lord put us there to find her! She was at church and said it was so good to be back home!
I love it here! Today has been cloudy all day which is nice, but it’s SUPER humid. Oh, also to answer your question, no, I don't have any smarties left....
Love you all!

Elder Harsh

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