Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 61

Hi everyone!
Well this week was good but we had to walk a TON because we didn't have bikes. I never thought I would miss my bike but man, we have walked more in the past week than the other elders who have the car have walked in the past month! haha but I am really jealous you guys are going down to Moab! I love that place.
Today we went to go buy a new camera for E Carrillo because he dropped his in the ocean and so we got to walk around the downtown tourist area which was fun. It’s really different from down in San Nicolaas! We are kind of in the ghetto of Aruba. But hopefully we will be getting new bikes this week.
We are also getting close with an investigator named Victor. He is Dominican and has a ton of faith and wants to change but struggles with the word of wisdom. He is very motivated to stop and says he can feel a difference in his spirituality when he does and doesn't drink. So we are working really hard with him on that. We are calling him every day at 4 when he gets off work to help him and so far it’s working!
Also this week we had a funny thing happen. We were walking and we saw a Dutch lady waiting for the bus, and so we started talking to her and she was really friendly and really interested in our message. We talked to her for a minute longer but we were in a hurry and so we asked her for her address so we could come by later. She told us that the bus probably isn't going to come so she will just show us because it was really close. I ask her what number and right as she was about to tell me the bus passes by and this 50 year old lady in a dress starts sprinting after the bus yelling stop. The bus stops and she gets on and that’s the last we ever saw of her- dangit!!! haha. But I will never forget the view of this 50 year old lady sprinting her hardest yelling after this bus! hahaha.
Oh my goodness I forgot to tell you that this week Vaquero blessed the sacrament!! I got special permission to call him and I talked with him and he is doing so well!! I miss him so much but he is doing so well! Just wanted to let you know :)
Also this week Sister Hanson (an American who lives here) offered to give us haircuts because my hair still looked awful from when that Dominican guy cut it! I guess she just took pity on us but they also gave us dinner and it was great. Bro Hanson coined the Phrase "the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks, unless you are E Harsh, then its two months!" I didn't think it was funny but whatever.
Have a good week.
Elder Harsh

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