Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 60

Hi Everyone,
Man! Conference weekend was great!! I had so many questions answered that I didn't even know I had!! And yes we had a few investigators at conference! We had it in English and Spanish so I was with the English people and E Carrillo was with the Spanish ones. Conference was perfect for them. There was a few times where I wanted to stand up and yell "are you hearing this?! This is what you need!!" But I kept quiet and we all felt the spirit very strong.
Also this week somebody went through our gate behind our house and cut the lock on our bikes and stole lots of walking :/ The mission is getting us new bikes, but they are being sent from Trinidad, so it might be a while. We got to drive one day while E. Atkinson was off Island so that was nice. It was good to be driving again but it made me miss Rex. I'm glad you got to meet the Yuyez family! They are great! Also, Sis. Yuyez is a really REALLY good cook :) She’s the best!
 Also I maybe need pants... my shirts are fine for now but my pants are starting to get holes in them so maybe you could send a few more pants? If not, you can send them in a few weeks when I am in Trinidad. But what I really need is smarties. Lots of smarties. The pants are optional but I really do need smarties...
Anyways love you tons mommy!!
Elder Harsh

This is the Yuyez family from Aruba.  They came for General conference.  He is a Branch President in Aruba.  They are very nice people and it was fun to meet them!  They are going to take a package back for Blake.  J

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