Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 59

Hi Everyone,
Well this week was transfers so that meant a lot of running back and forth from the airport but we did get to have the car for two days! That was nice but I can now see why every Elder that goes to the Orajestad area gets fat! It’s literally sit, walk to the door, repeat. So as weird as it sounds, it’s kind of nice to be back on our bikes!
 But we noticed that at the end of the month everybody gets super busy and can't have their lessons and so we spent a lot of this week contacting as well as trying to track down people.
Juan David is still in Colombia until Wednesday so I am looking forward to hearing about his Temple experience! He leaves in November two weeks after transfers...So I probably won't be able to be at his farewell :( Since he had been gone that also means that Sis. Patricia has been gone which means no food for us. Can't wait to have them both back!
But the branch is doing really good and we have a few investigators that have committed to come to conference with us! I am super excited for that!
 Also yeah we did see the moon and it was so cool! We took our mattresses and put them out on our balcony and slept outside and watched the moon. But yeah, hopefully we will be able to have more lessons this week and keep helping our investigators receive blessings!

Elder Harsh

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