Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 56

Hi Everyone
Well just like that another week went by! This week was a lot better, we were always super busy! I am really having troubles thinking about the details of this past week. We had a really good lesson with one of Juan David's friends. He is a 17 year old kid and is way nice. We had already talked about the Restoration with him and so we come with Juan David and we talk about the importance of the Book of Mormon in gaining a testimony. It was a super spiritual lesson and Juan David bore a very powerful testimony because he is a convert (like everyone on the island) and he is also preparing to go on a mission so it really helped his friend and afterwards Juan David said that now he knows why missionaries are always so happy, because we get to do that every day! And it’s true! I love sharing the Gospel!
Speaking of that, we were out contacting last night and it was getting late, but we decided to try one more house before going home. We offered a short prayer and then I kind of had the feeling we should go up to this one house, but it was completely dark and nobody was outside, so Instead we tried the house next door. The front door was open but nobody answered so as we were walking away, I heard a guy cough from the dark house. There weren't any lights, but there was a super dark Jamaican guy sitting there that I couldn't see! I thought I was talking with nobody so I quickly made him laugh and then I saw teeth, so I started talking with him and he said that he is recently married and he made a promise that if God would let him marry a beautiful girl, he would turn his life around and go to church. He said he had been looking and praying for help to have the courage to go to church! He is a very humble guy and we have a lesson with him later today! I can't wait! So I guess what we learn from that is even if you are a super black Jamaican trying to disappear in the dark, God still hears and answers your prayers. Have I mentioned how cool Jamaican accents are??
 I came to a very interesting realization this past week, and it’s that every good story on your mission comes from contacting! Or I think you guys call it tracting, but in Spanish it translates to contacting. But anyways the good, the bad, and the funny stories come from contacting and I love it! This week we had an afternoon with all three! We had a really good contact that we will visit again tomorrow, we had a really funny one where the daughter was trying to flirt with us and her Dad kept saying things to her in Papiamento to motivate her because he thought we didn't speak Papiamento,
We contacted this one house and this freaking GIANT came out! He was like 7 feet tall but not skinny! He was super muscular and had really broad shoulders and after I introduced myself he said I can't talk to you. I asked him why and he said "Porque tu eres de Jesucristo, y yo soy de SATANAS"(You are of Christ and I am of Satan) and his voice got all deep and creepy when he said that I said oh ok, bye and I freaking turned tail and ran! And my companion couldn't stop laughing. So apparently we had a run in with a devil worshiper.  Haha there is never a dull moment with us!
 I am really enjoying the mission but it seems like the more you enjoy it the faster it goes! I guess that’s just the way it is though.
Anyways until next week,

Elder Harsh

                                                       Blake on top of a cave in Aruba

                               Juan David just after he received his mission call to Paris France

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  1. Great as usual. Always making lemonade out of lemons.