Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 62

Hi Everyone,
Well another week is over and it’s been a good one!
We went out searching for a house of a guy that we met on the street last week and while we were looking for it we accidently knocked on the door of the wrong house! It was kinda tough because I had forgotten what the lady looked like so I kinda thought it was her until a little further into the conversation I figured out that she had no idea who we were! So we capitalized on the opportunity and asked to share a message! But, with the whole misunderstanding I forgot to tell her the name of the church that we are after sharing a little bit we asked her what it would mean to her if the true church of Jesus Christ was here on the earth today. She said "oh, I know it is, it’s the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Saints or something like that" She is from Jamaica so she was speaking English and after she said that I was shocked and E Carrillo was confused because he didn't understand. Haha. But turns she comes from a VERY catholic family but her sister is a member in the US and her mom got baptized before she died and sent a letter to her talking about how great and true everything is, and she said that she felt it was true! The only reason she didn't ask her sister for more details is because she said that she didn't want the sister thinking that she was asking questions to make fun of her church.
 I testified of the truthfulness of what she felt and we went on to explain about the Holy Ghost and it was such a powerful lesson! She is living with her 19 year old daughter and we are going back to teach them tomorrow! It’s incredible to me how the Lord prepares his people and if we are on his errand he will put us in the right spot when we need to be there.
It’s been great hearing about all these missionaries coming home and having some of my buddies from the mission leave for home.  But it makes me realize I'm not a newbie anymore! I only have 10 months left and it feels like just yesterday I was hitting 10 months! Time flies out here and it makes me want to take advantage of every moment! This week after interviews with President we took a bus home and I sat by this really angry looking black guy. I really wanted to talk to him, but it  was obvious he wasn't in the mood for anything I had to say so I just asked him if I could practice my Papiamento with him. After asking some questions about his job and family the conversation turned to me and I had the opportunity to do what we do best and testify! I was very proud that I was able to stay afloat with my Papiamento and we got off the bus with a return visit scheduled for this Thursday! It was a great experience when I could really feel the Lord working through me and the funny part was my friend was having to deal with a crazy Dominican Pentecostal lady that whole bus ride. We got off and I told him about the visit and he handed me three little booklets of apostasy. I love the mission. Hope all is good back home!
Also some tourists from Utah came to church! We saw them on the road and they pulled over and talked to us and I guess out of habit I invited them to church and they came! It was really fun to get to know them! One couple was from Orem and the other was from Brigham! They didn't know grandma, but they did know Sheila Benson! She’s part of the family, right? Aunt Sheila has a nice ring to it. Anyways their names were Bryan and Cindy Jeppsen from Mannaway(Mantua) Utah. And the other guys were from Orem.
Also I got my package from the Yuyez family and I have been enjoying putting the smarties into my brand new pockets all week :) If all goes well we will be getting bikes this Wednesday, but we won’t be able to use them because this week Juan David is coming on a Mini Mission with us! It’s where he comes and lives with us and lives all the mission rules and learns what it’s like to work like a missionary! I am really looking forward to that and to celebrate that we bought pizza and wings :)

 It’s been a good day. 
Love, Elder Harsh
                             Tourists from Utah taking pictures of the Elders

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