Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week 99

Well I guess this is it! My last full week as a full time missionary..... It feels really weird but I am LOVING Curacao. Back to the 4 language craziness that I love so much! Also the Islands made so much progress while I was gone! I want to tell you a story that I just barely heard the end of. It was back when I was in San Nicolaas almost a year ago, E. Carrillo and I were looking through our area book and noticed that there were no teaching records for this certain part of our area that is literally the bottom tip of Aruba. So we decided to take one afternoon and go contact the heck out of the area. It ended up being just a bunch of retired mean Dutch people but the Hansens live down there and saw us and told us to come back to their house when we were finished. So we went down the last few streets with very little success and we were about to head back towards the Hansen's house when we saw a shortcut through some bushes and we took it. We ended up walking by a house that was still being built and there was a guy working on it. (he was black so we figured he wasn't dutch :)) Anyways so we went up to him and he was a Jamaican so we contacted him and he gave us his address and told us to come by the next week. We then went to the Hansen's house and they gave us dinner because they knew that they lived in a tough area. So the next week we went searching for his house but couldn't find it. We figured it was a fake address, and while we were searching for it we accidentally knocked on the door of a different person who had heard a lot about the church and believed it was true, but didn't know it was on the Island. So we started teaching her and I kind of forgot about the Jamaican guy until the next time I was in Aruba, a few months later. I was in the other area, but right before I left to go to Guyana I called the Elders and told them to go try and find the address one more time, just to check, and they ended up finding it. When I came back I learned that not only him, but his entire family ended up taking the lessons and were baptized 3 weeks ago. There are so many things like that that happen while you are on a mission, and I have seen so many smaller miracles like that happen especially this week! It makes me never want to stop being a missionary. I know that everybody says you never have to stop being a missionary because member missionary work but that is not the same. Its such a great feeling to be so focused on others and the Savior for such an extended period of time and I can honestly say that this time I have spent out here really has been a blessing.

See yall soon!

Elder Harsh

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