Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 13

Hi everyone!
This week has been different but very good! The first part of the week I was in a trio in a city called Yamasa. It´s about an hour away from my old area, and the houses are nicer. We had power a lot more often but we only had running water on the back porch. On the bright side I am now a champion at bucket showers! So we served in that area and most of it was more city- like but part of it was out in the boonies. We had to hop across rocks to cross a river to get to one of our investigators houses. It was awesome. Also coming back from that house at night I saw fireflies! So that was dope.
The plan was to serve with them and work in Punta with our progressing investigators once a week, but that got changed and now I am with one of the Zone Leaders in Punta until tomorrow, when I get my new companion and work permanently in Punta. The Zone Leader is from Utah, and it has been the best three days of my life with him, because I finally have someone I can have conversation with! It also helps because my Spanish is getting to a point where I have very specific grammar questions or need to know how to say a phrase where a direct translation doesn´t work, so it’s nice being able to ask him.  I really hope that my new companion speaks English, because none of my other companions have and it’s difficult!
 We have 4 people with a baptism date for December 6th! The kids of Alejandro and Jubelis are going to be baptized while they wait for their parent´s to get married, and then after they are married the parents will be baptized too! The 4th one is the son of a less active lady. We taught her twice and on the second lesson we gave a very powerful lesson about keeping the Sabbath day holy and I committed her to come to church and she did! After sacrament meeting she came up to me and told me she wanted me to baptize her son.  So we went to teach him and he is very interested and wants to be baptized!
Today since I had an English comp I figured he could help me find a place to get a good haircut. We searched all over town to find someone that sort of knows how to cut white people hair, and the entire time he was bragging to his buddies that he gets to cut ¨perfect hair¨. That’s what they call white person hair haha. It wasn´t that bad of a haircut but I hated every second of it!  haha, as for me, I´m doing good. It has really helped having an English comp these past few days.  He has helped my teaching a ton. I really hope that my next companion speaks English. But I’m doing good and I´ll try and take some pictures to send home to you.

Elder Harsh

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