Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 15

Hi Everyone!
Well it happened!  I finally found a woman who can grow more facial hair than I can. That was a blow to my self esteem.
                Anyways… this week was very good. My companion is from Mexico and this week he cooked a bunch of Mexican food! It is a well known fact that if you cook me yummy food I will literally do ANYTHING, so I’ve been on kitchen duty all week and because the food was so yummy I didn´t even mind! Also we don’t have cupboards so after you wash the plates all I have to do is put them in the basket thingy haha.
Also it’s so hot here that I didn´t have ski fever at all until last week when Hayden told me Solitude is opening, and I unpacked my olympic ski tie and daydreamed about skiing all last week.  I´m not saying it’s a problem, but I have been having some serious adrenaline withdrawls! haha.
 Last week on P day we went and explored the jungle, and it was SO COOL! I forgot my camera, but no worries, we are going back to take pictures today after I play baseball with an investigator! But let’s just say I can now cross off ¨swing from a vine in the jungle like Tarzan¨ off my bucket list. I love it here.
 President Corbit has a rule that he only allows us to listen to music appropriate for sacrament meeting, so I don’t think you need to bother sending me any music.
 As for my investigators, this week was so good! Elder Zetina has been making me lead all of the lessons and extend all the commitment invitations and it is really helping my Spanish! Rarely do I have to ask for his help when explaining a concept! Also we have been really pushing to get investigators to come to church, because people here are lazy. Usually we would just have Alejandro y Jubelis and their family, and maybe one other investigator, but we really worked hard on explaining why church attendance is important and last week we had 8 investigators attend, and this week we had 13!! We have 4 baptisms coming up on the 6th of December. The kids of Alejandro y Jubelis, and one other that I don´t think I have told you about. He is 14, and the son of a less active lady. We re-taught the lady the restoration one day, and left a little booklet for her to study, but honestly I didn´t feel like she had much desire to return to church. The next lesson we show up and her son read the booklet, prayed about it, and he wanted to learn more and be baptized. He is very ready for baptism on the 6th, and he and his mom are attending church now!  We have a few others that have a goal for the 12th and 20th of December as well, so we will have to see how it goes! Well that’s about everything that’s going on with me!
Until next week!

Elder Harsh

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