Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 14

Hi Everyone!
Well it finally happened. It was last Monday night, I was still with the zone leader who speaks English and we were just chillin in our room talking when A SPIDER THE SIZE OF A MID-SIZED SEDAN RUNS INTO THE ROOM. This sucker was bigger than my hand!! My comp saw it first and he said ¨Wow that’s a big cockroach¨ I was pumped to see a massive cockroach and I peek over the side of my bed and it was a SPIDER! So I calmly squished it and went on with my night. PSHYCH!!!  I freaking lost my mind and it crawled under my comp´s bed! My comp moved the bed and it climbed up into the corner against the ceiling. I was a little distracted at the time, but my comp grabbed my camera and filmed us taking care of it, so I’ll send that home to you soon. It was not a good day.
 Anyways I got my new companion and his name is Elder Zetina. He is a really nice guy from Mexico and yeah, you guessed it, He doesn´t speak English. In this week I think he has said 2 words in English haha He speaks really really fast too. It’s really difficult to understand him, but it’s also helping me understand the Dominicans so it’s all good! This week I started actually understanding a lot of what was being said. I am teaching a lot better and I even led a few lessons this week!
 I haven´t used my mitt yet because if the kids have a ball, it’s just the stringy insides and its usually mildewy and gross, so I just borrow their mitt for a few minutes in between lessons. But today I am going to use my mitt when we play baseball with a less active and his buddies, so I´m pumped for that! We go to this internet place to email that has 3 computers that work (on a good day) and usually the power lasts long enough for me to write everyone! 
We are in the same apartment and I don’t really know where to get the ingredients to cook any treats, but Elder Zetina knows how to cook Mexican food and he really wants to cook it this week. HECK YEAH! If all goes well this will be the first week in 3 months I haven´t had rice! Elder Zetina really likes to cook, so while he cooks lunch I read out loud from the Book of Mormon in Spanish and he corrects my errors. It works out really well.  I’ve read the Book of Mormon twice since I’ve been out here, and each time I feel like it’s brand new. I am studying Jesus the Christ right now to help me understand the life and ministry of Christ because the people here are mostly Catholic so I figure it will help me. But that’s about everything for this week!
Love you!

Elder Harsh

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