Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 39

Elder Harsh didn't have much of a letter, because we had just talked to him yesterday.  He looked great and sounded great and is enjoying the Island of Bonaire.  This is about a guy they had contacted a few weeks ago, that is interested in the Gospel and is on track for baptism.
Thanks for your support!!!

Hey I really have no idea what to say because we just talked yesterday!
But turns out Vacero tripped and fell at a construction site and got stabbed in the thigh with a rusty nail, and so he couldn't make it to church. He couldn't even walk when we went to visit him that night- poor guy!  But he is still the same ol’ Vacero and we are going to bring him dinner tonight! But yeah that’s about the only update I have, but it was awesome talking to you yesterday!!

Elder Harsh

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