Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 40

Hi Everyone,
Wow the weeks are starting to go by so quickly!
This week we contacted this lady who warmly welcomed us in and sat down and we started getting to know her and turns out she has been searching and searching trying to find "God's true church" but hasn't found it yet. When we heard that we got really excited ya know, because we have "God's true church" But we caught her right as she was about to leave and she has 4 kids all really involved in sports and a job so she is super busy but told us to come back next Sunday. It sounds like a story straight out of the Ensign so we will have to see if we can help her gain a testimony!
We have an investigator that wants to be baptized but he didn't come to church for some unknown reason yesterday so we will have to have a ‘come to Jesus meeting’ with him (literally) and see what the heck is going on.
When we are teaching we usually teach in Spanish and sometimes English but when we are out we usually start off the conversation in Papiamentu.
This island is actually super chill. Like up until last week I didn't think this island had police. The government has a program set up where you have a loan guaranteed when you graduate high school to go to Holland to study in a university, so this island is lacking in people in the 18-30 age range.  But wait till I get transfered to Aruba, then come visit me, because Aruba is a smaller island but has like 10 times as many people. It’s like the party island. Aruba is the party island, Curasao is the crime island, and Bonaire is the Retirement island.
 Earlier today we went and explored some of the beaches. There aren't any sandy beaches on the island they are all rocky and full of coral but it was way fun to go explore and we found a few small caves that we explored! It was way fun. Also we found a HUGE iguana this morning. I got a picture of it from far away, but when I tried to get closer it ran off. But this sucker was like  2 feet long WITHOUT the tail! Biggest one I have ever seen! Also we saw a donkey fight this morning. It was gnarly. 
I am having such a fun time out here and hope all is good back home with you guys too!

Elder Harsh

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