Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 38

Hi Everyone,
Well it’s a good thing you said something about skyping next week or I would have completely forgot!! Time sure is flying by!  Let’s skype at 7:00 MY TIME. I can’t remember if you guys are 2 or 3 hours behind so I think 7 is a safe bet. As for my week, It was great! Papiamentu is still a work in progress though, but most of our investigators are Latinos that moved here so their preference is Spanish!
 This week after working really hard we managed to get 3 investigators to church, which is unheard of here in the islands!! One of them was a contact Elder Atkinson made at the end of last transfer who absolutely loved it! He said he felt like he was part of a big family! He is planning on being baptized at the end of the month so we will have to keep working with him! One of the others that came was this lady we have been working really hard on, but she said she didn't want to come to church because she doesn't want to commit to anything until she is sure about it. After a long lesson about recognizing the spirit I finally read her the words of Jesus when he said "come and see" and SHE DID! Woo.
We also got a senior couple this week! They are from sandy Utah and the husband speaks Dutch! (When the mission changes these islands will be Dutch mission, so I might have to learn that too....) But they are way cool! Also unlike the DR where you have stray cats, dogs, chickens, and naked children everywhere, this island just has a bunch of stray Donkeys,  goats, and iguanas. To answer your question, yes, I did catch a giant iguana this week :) I CAUGHT IT WITH MY BARE HANDS! I got a gnarly slice up my arm from its dumb tail but it was so worth it!!
Also we met some American tourists at church and they invited us over for a BBQ and it was the best dang food I have had in 8 months!!!
It’s not so bad being around all the beaches because it’s mostly a place for scuba divers and there aren't any good swimming beaches on the Island. The only problem is there is a lot of kiteboarding which is something I have ALWAYS wanted to try.  So sometimes we will be out riding around and see a bunch of those kites up in the air.
This week president is coming to visit and wants to meet with our investigators so that will be very good because he is a spiritual powerhouse!  Also we have no idea if I will stay in the islands or not. Usually the missionaries that go to the islands just come out here for about 9 months and head back to the DR, but with the whole mission change going on we have no idea! I will try and sneak some information out of President while he is here with us this week.
 That’s about all I can remember from this week but I can't wait to talk to you guys Sunday!!!!

Elder Harsh

Lookin' good!

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