Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 75

Hi Everyone
Well this week flew by! We had trouble having lessons this week so basically all we did was go contacting and we had so many funny things happen! Some of the highlights were finding a lady that was 104 years old, finding a crazy guy who loved to smile but had no teeth, and finding a super old guy who fell asleep mid-conversation while standing up!! I was impressed.
Anyways I thought I was finally going to have a full week to work in my area but E. Nance had to leave for immigration so we still haven't had a full we in my area yet! So much traveling! Also bad news, we have Elder Rasband coming to visit our mission but we are going to miss it... So that’s a bummer.
 Also Lina (the mom of the Chacon family) hurt her back and so she was down for the count this week and was unable to meet with us or come to church, but on Wednesday we are going to try and set a baptism date. 
On the bright side, we finally got a guy named Hector to come to church. Hector has a cool story he is Arubian and we had two lessons with him then he told us that he wasn't interested in having us come over anymore. He told us to come over and pick of the Book of Mormon we gave him but we told him to keep it. Then about a week ago, we were in the area, so we stopped by to see how he was doing and he told us he was reading a little from the book and he wants us to start coming again! Then he came to church! It was great so see the spirit take hold of him.
 Welp, that’s about all I can think of right now but I'm still loving it here! Aruba'riba!

Elder Harsh
This was sent to me from this couple from Boston- They were on vacation there.

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