Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 76

Hi Everyone!
Well sorry for writing a day late! Its Carnival season and this past weekend was a big parade/party for the entire island so Monday was a national holiday for people to sleep/get sober for work, and EVERYTHING was closed. Worst P day ever! But the library was closed so we weren't able to write yesterday.
So yes, this past week I stayed in Aruba the entire week! It was nice, but we still had to go to the airport to drop off Sis. Cuevas who finished her mission! It’s gonna be a lot more boring around here without her haha. But this branch is finally starting to get its fire back! It’s incredible how much missionaries affect the church out here because it is so small, and this poor branch has had a really rough few string of missionaries, but we have been working really hard with the branch and are finally starting to see the fruits of it!
 We watched the broadcast(the world-wide missionary training meeting) and it was really good! It had a lot of really good suggestions that we are going to implement into our zone including working more with less-actives. It was a good broadcast.
This past Sunday was absolutely crazy. Everybody wanted to feed us or for us to come over for family night or they had a reference for us or wanted a Book of Mormon to give away and 3 people brought friends to church! It was the most stressful three hours of the week! After church we went to get our bikes and had to sit there for a minute to take in what had just happened. Needless to say we are going to be ridiculously busy this week!
Also we had an incredible lesson with the Chacon Family. We talked about our purpose on earth and faith repentance and baptism and they agreed to be baptized on the 20th of February! I am so excited for them! Also it was transfers but Aruba stayed the same so we didn't have any problems there! See you guys next week!

Elder Harsh

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