Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 8

Elder Keven Blake Harsh
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Mission
SDQ 4102
2250 NW 114 Ave Unit 1A
Miami FL, 33172-3652
Hi Everyone!
     Well my first full week is behind me and its awesome here! Everybody is so nice and everyday feels like an adventure because of the tin shacks and stuff. I am in an area called Punta, we cook out of old pots and pans, and have running water most of the time! We have a fridge, but usually the power is out so it doesn´t keep things very cold. I've had to use powdered milk for cereal which basically dyes the water white but still tastes like water! We eat rice and platanas and some other stuff a lot and its different but good!
      I've gotten very good at teaching lessons by candlelight because it seems like the power goes out whenever we have a lesson at night! I still am having trouble understanding people, but I am able to participate in the lessons a lot more! My companion is from Nicaragua so that's sick!
     We got to watch conference in English!!! I was so relieved! Me and five other missionaries huddled in the clerks office at the stake center to watch it on his little computer! and HOLY CRAP! If conference was always that good, I wouldn´t have slept through it back at home so much! Haha!  I took pages and pages of notes with thoughts and scriptures that came to mind and have been studying that as part of my personal study! I never though conference could be that good! Tell sister Gilmore I finally know what it means to be truly edified!
     We have a family of 5 investigators with a baptism date! We had to bump it back to November 15th because they weren´t married yet, but they are working on that and truly want to live the gospel! The first visit we had we met with just the parents and taught them how to pray, and a few visits later all the kids were there and they said the opening and closing prayer. The parents taught them how to pray very well and I was so happy to see their progression!
Elder Harsh

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