Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 10

Hi All,
First off to answer your questions! No I didn´t get my package but I am really excited for it! There are a ton of inactive families, almost a fourth of our teaching bank are in-actives!  The families we are teaching are doing very well. We have 2 families with a baptism date, and one is doing so good and is completely ready. The other family the husband is kind of apprehensive but the wife is really interested. They didn´t come to church last week so this week we committed them again and went to their house Sunday morning and they were ready! It was awesome! We had two brand new investigators come to church too. We also contacted this one family that was really interested in our message. They asked us when we could return, the dad offered to say the closing prayer, and when we left both me and Elder Palomino said that we feel good about that family!
 I sleep fine except for a few days ago our inverter broke so we don’t have power very often. I´m getting really good at cooking dinner with a flashlight in my mouth, and the only time it really sucks not having power is trying to sleep without a fan because it’s so dang hot! No I haven’t bothered setting up my mosquito net and I don’t really need to in this area. We have a stove and oven but the oven doesn´t work.  Also we get to light the stove with matches and you know how much I like playing with matches!
The Spanish is coming along but it is definitely the hardest part of the mission. I feel like once I learn this Language I won’t have a dang thing to complain about.  I can almost always clumsily express my ideas in Spanish now but understanding people is a whole different story. I try and study Spanish every day and I have been reading out loud from the Book of Mormon in Spanish to improve my pronunciation. It’s tough but it’s slowly getting better. 
It rains a crap ton here but only for 10-20 minutes at a time. The flooding usually isn´t deep, but if it rains really hard our kitchen floods so that’s cool. We have a branch out here of about 50 people on a good day, and it’s just up the street from our apartment. We have zone and district meetings every Thursday, and I’ve seen my mission president once so far.
 I’ve got plenty of funny stories haha one that happened yesterday is I was walking on the street and my comp was walking on the sidewalk. It was dark and the sidewalk ended in a 4 foot drop but we couldn´t see it, so out of nowhere my companion falls into Narnia and I was so confused where he went! We had to run home and change because he got all muddy haha. It’s awesome here and even though I rarely know what’s going on, I love it!
Also we had the best numbers in the mission this week and got neat hats and pizza! 

Elder Harsh

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