Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 11

Hello Everyone!
I GOT MY PACKAGE!!! It was like Christmas except I was hot and didn´t have skis on my feet. I´m starting to get ski fever already! But the package was awesome and I am enjoying the treats!
This week was kind of a bummer though. We had two families with a baptism date, and one family the wife is progressing really well but the husband refuses to get married because he says he doesn´t know if he loves his wife and son enough. That was a really awkward lesson because the wife was right next to him on the couch as he was saying all that! So until they get married they can’t be baptized. Also, our other family who had a baptism date were going to get married, but the husbands birth certificate has the wrong date on it so he has to get a new birth certificate and ID before they can get married, and I guess that is a long process here. So they are a no go for now, but the kids really want to be baptized so we might baptize them and then just wait to baptize the parents later. On the bright side we found two other families who are very interested and are progressing well. As for your questions, my companion told me I needed a haircut this morning, but I refused and told him I will next week. I’m not looking forward to that!
My stuffy nose is the same here, so that’s kind a disappointment. I was thinking I might have a normal sinus system for two years but nope! Haha We usually eat rice and beans with either chicken, beef, or pork. The meat here is really different and it makes me really miss Texas roadhouse. We also cut up onions and tomatoes, mix with a little vinegar, and dump that on our rice. It sounds gross but it’s actually pretty good! As for our branch, it’s really good! These people are really dedicated and always have references and are willing to come along for teaching and everything. The branch president was really good, but he just got called as 2nd counselor in the stake presidency, so we got a new president yesterday. Hopefully he will be good, but he has big shoes to fill. I ALMOST had to give an impromtu talk in church, and I was terrified out of my mind. They told me before it started that I need to talk for 5 or ten minutes and I was freaking out, because if I said every word I know in Spanish it probably wouldn´t be 5 minutes, but luckily the meeting was running late so I didn´t have to speak! That’s a tender mercy right there!  The language is progressing good and me and my companion get along very well, except for the fact that he is obsessed with primary songs. He has them on CD and plays them every morning and I swear if I have to hear a little kid sing follow the prophet in Spanish one more time I might die. That song has like 20 verses! But life is good and this week marks the end of my first transfer!
Elder Harsh

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